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Your new card is embedded with an antenna so that when it is held against the payWave reader a secure message is transmitted to the terminal to process your transaction.

No, there’s no need to press any buttons at all when using Visa payWave. Your transaction is automatically processed with the purchase amount taken directly from your nominated account. 

You can’t get cash out just by waving your card. If you have transaction accounts linked to your card and the merchant allows the cash out option, you can get cash by either inserting or swiping your card into the terminal and selecting ‘CHEQUE’ or ‘SAVINGS’. You will need to enter your PIN.

No, your card needs to be within 4cm of the terminal and held for more than half a second to be charged. The merchant must also first enter the amount for you to approve before any charges can be made.

Visa payWave transactions are designed to be quick and convenient, allowing you to get on your way sooner. If you would like a receipt for your transaction, just ask the merchant for a receipt before you pay.

For purchases under $200 you can simply wave your Visa payWave card and go. Purchases over $200 will require you to insert or swipe your card in the terminal and provide a signature or PIN to complete the transaction.

You can use your Visa payWave card at participating merchants wherever you see the Visa payWave symbol.

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