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Over the last 15 months, the 2% cash back has helped many members get ahead by giving money back to them. However in order to remain competitive in the longer term with other features of the product, the cash back rebate will reduce to 1% and a $25 monthly cap will be imposed.

The Military Rewards Account no longer has a monthly service fee. We have removed the $4 monthly account service fee as well as the EFTPOS, BPAY, Direct Debit and External Transfer transaction fees from our Military Rewards account.

Cash back on Visa payWave transactions will be credited on a monthly basis and are paid in arrears. This means, you'll receive cash back at the beginning of the month (eg. February) for any eligible transactions incurred during the previous calendar month (eg. January).

You will receive 1% cash back on all Visa payWave purchases under $100 (such as groceries, petrol, clothing, entertainment and transport) when you deposit $2,000 or more per month from an external source, into your Military Rewards Account.

The 1% cash back on Visa payWave purchases under $100 in Australia, applies when you deposit $2,000 or more per month from an external source into your Military Rewards account.

Accounts will be credited with the cash back the calendar month after which the deposit requirement has been met and any respective transactions are made

You can view any fees and charges relating to our products here.

No, you will need an active Military Rewards Account to receive cash back credits. Furthermore, you will need to ensure you deposit a minimum of $2,000 per calendar month. Cash back credits are then paid on payWave transactions less than $100 are made with your VISA debit card.

By taking up this product, you agree to conduct your transactions honestly, fairly and in line with how a reasonable person would conduct purchases. That means if a purchase normally would not be eligible for the cash back, you will not manipulate your conduct or purchases to artificially activate the cash back benefit.

No. Splitting larger purchases into smaller multiple transactions, conducting repeated transactions under $100 at the same merchant within an unreasonably short period of time, or opening multiple accounts under the same name for the purpose of obtaining multiple cash back amounts in excess of the monthly cap is unsatisfactory conduct and deemed as not conducting your account honestly and fairly.

Each month, Australian Military Bank will transfer your ‘spare change’ (i.e. the cents on your account balance and sub-accounts each up to 0.99c) to a Defence related charity selected by you. Australian Military Bank will then match, dollar-for-dollar, the money donated each month and contribute this directly to the specified charities.

You can choose to donate your ‘spare change’ to one of the following organisations: 

  • Mates for Mates 
  • Legacy 
  • Soldier On 
  • DefenceCare 

Alternatively, you can donate your ‘spare change’ equally across all four worthy organisations 

The maximum amount that we will donate from your Military Rewards Account is $0.99c per month. Therefore, your maximum annual contribution would total $11.88.

This is based on the assumption no sub accounts are held. Where you also hold sub accounts within your Military Rewards Account, this amount will increase.

You'll be notified of your overall contribution annually via your eStatement.

The funds will usually arrive to the destination bank within 2-3 business days. Please note some currencies may take longer than others to arrive.

We will donate your ‘spare change’ equally across all four worthy organisations.

A draft is like a Bank cheque but in a foreign currency. It’s another way for you to make payments and send money overseas if you do not have the recipient’s bank details. Draft are sent overseas via the mail and are available in a wide range of currencies.

Australian Military Bank has selected four worthy organisations to support through our Military Rewards Account. You can only select from one of the four nominated charities or alternatively, you can opt to have your ‘spare change’ donated across all the nominated charities.

You can order a draft in person at one of our branches. Once ordered it will be available to collect at your nominated branch within 2-5 business days and we will contact you to let you know when it arrives. Alternatively, we can arrange for the draft to be sent to an alternative address.

Australian Military Bank has had a long history of supporting Defence related charities. Prior to launching this new account, we identified Legacy, Soldier On, RSL Defence Care and Mates4Mates as organisations which we could support through this account.

To receive funds from overseas into your Australian bank account, you will need to provide payment instructions. Complete the form here and send to the person/business sending you the funds.

Once it is credited into your account, it can take up to 25 days to clear.

If you have an everyday account with us you have access to free Australian Military Bank ATMs as well as the Australian ATM networks of the Big Four banks. ATM providers not included in the Australian Military Bank ATM network (including the Big Four banks) may charge you directly for using their ATMs.


No. When you elect to convert to the Military Rewards Account your Direct Debits/Credit arrangements will automatically continue. In addition, if you have a Visa Debit Card attached to your account, this will also change over to your new Military Rewards Account.

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