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Scams Awareness 

Australia has seen the number of scams increase drastically over the last 2 years. Scammers have become more sophisticated then ever.

Australian Military Bank is committed to ensuring we update our members with the most recent scam events.

It is important to ensure you are aware that scams exist, can incur financial loss and anyone can be targeted.


Visit our blog to stay updated with all the latest scam alerts and tips to protect yourself online

Scam awareness
Scam awareness

Think before you act

  • Were you expecting that call or communication?
  • Was the information relayed to you as a matter of urgency?
  • Was the communication asking you for personal and/or banking information such as a card number or one time passwords?
Scam awareness

What should I do now?

  • Cease all contact with whom you are speaking with - this may either be via a phone call, text, email or messaging app communication.
  • Contact us immediately and report the matter.
Scam awareness


  • If a remote access application has been downloaded such as Any Desk or team viewer, the device needs to be turned off immediately.

How you can protect yourself 

We take the protection of your information and transaction data very seriously. But online security is a partnership between us. As such, it's important that you take measures to improve your online security. Listed below are areas you can focus on to keep your personal information secure.

Protect your member ID and Passcode/Password

Here are a few helpful tips to assist you in choosing and using your Passcode/Password:

  • Have a unique Passcode/Password for your Internet Banking. Avoid using the same Passcode/Password for different online applications.
  • When choosing an Passcode/Password, select something that you will remember easily but which will not be obvious to others. Refrain from using your telephone number, car registration, postcode or other numbers easily linked to you personally. 
  • Consider using passphrases that are at least 12 characters long. 
  • Change your Passcode/Password regularly. We recommend every 90 days.
  • Do not write your Passcode/Password down or provide it to anyone, even if it is disguised.

Protect your computer and personal information online

Here are a few helpful tips to assist you in protecting your computer and personal information online:

  • Install security software on your PC and run automatic updates to check for suspicious activity.
  • Avoid using public computers and public wireless networks whenever entering personal information such as credit card details, passwords and bank account details.
  • Never provide personal information such as bank account details, access code or credit card details via email.
  • Set up spam filters on your email account. If you do receive emails from a source you don’t trust, delete these immediately without opening any links or attachments.
  • Always enter by typing the address into your browser, checking that you're connected to the legitimate Australian Military Bank website. 
  • Always select "log out" from the Internet Banking menu when you complete your banking.
  • Look out for the padlock or key symbol within the browser when accessing Internet Banking.
  • Regularly check your accounts and statements for any unauthorised transactions.


How we protect you online

We are committed to providing our members with a safe and secure banking experience. We have employed a wide range of security measures to help protect your personal information and transactions including:

  • Firewalls
  • Encryption
  • Automatic Time-outs
  • Incorrect Passcode/Password Code-block
  • Last Login Time Check

Internet Banking Security
We have placed the utmost importance on ensuring that your personal details, funds and account information remain secure from unauthorised access.
The closed padlock in the Internet Banking browser page indicates that the Internet Banking site is secure.
In addition, our system has various security features to safeguard your transactions and personal information. These include:

  • Secure login pages - your access information is encrypted (scrambled).
  • Member chosen Passcode/Password - you can change these at any time.
  • Password anonymity - you are the only person that knows your Passcode/Password.
  • The Internet Banking login page is unable to be cached - this means that your personal login information is erased when you leave the login page and cannot be retrieved by anyone else using your computer.
  • System lock after 3 attempts - if a user enters an Passcode/Password incorrectly 3 times, Internet Banking will be locked, and the account blocked. The system can be unlocked and your Passcode/Password reset when the Bank is contacted and the person is identified as the account owner.
  • Timeouts for session inactivity - your Internet Banking session will time out after 15 minutes if there is no activity within your banking session.



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