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You will need to re-register for online banking with your current member number. Follow the simple and easy steps below or click here to watch our simple demonstration video. 

  1. Visit our website australianmilitarybank.com.au and click on the Online Banking icon found in the top right hand corner.

  2. Click ‘New to Online Banking’. 

  3. Click on 'Register Now' and enter your member number.

  4. Select whether you would like to receive your One-Time-Password (OTP) via SMS, Email or Landline. You will be sent your OTP via the method you have chosen.

  5. Enter your 'OTP" and click 'Verify'.

  6. You need to select a password between 8-16 characters long, enter it twice and click 'Continue'.

  7. Last step is to select a secret question from the drop-down box, enter the answer, click 'Continue' and you will now be automatically logged into your Internet Banking Account.

Reminder: This is a one-time process. Next time you log into Online Banking, enter your member number and the new password you have recently set-up.

For further assistance, contact us on 1300 13 23 28 during Sydney business hours.

OTP is a secondary authentication process which is used to confirm your identity and help keep your accounts and information secure.  

You will be able to receive your OTP via SMS, Email or Landline. You will only be able to use password once.

If you are experiencing difficulties please contact us on 1300 13 23 28 during Sydney business hours.

This will allow you to be identified when you call our contact centre, visit us in branch, if you have forgotten or if you would like to change your password for Internet Banking.

If you are experiencing difficulties please contact us on 1300 13 23 28 during Sydney business hours.


Online Banking will allow 3 login attempts before blocking access to your accounts. Call us on 1300 13 23 28 for information about getting your password reset, or follow the instructions in the link "Forgotten your password?". 

You may have a pop-up blocker on your browser. To allow the window to appear, make sure you have allowed pop-ups from Australian Military Bank to appear in your browser settings.

The most likely reason is that you have typed your member number incorrectly. Make sure that you’re entering your details correctly and have the ‘Num Lock’ key enabled on your key board. 

Another reason could be that your browser's internet options or preferences settings do not allow cookies. To enable cookies, select this option in your browser settings.


Your PC could be running out of assigned memory. Close down some other applications you have open, to free up memory. Your browser may also be out of date which can impact on the screen display. You could also try performing a force reload on your browser by holding Ctrl+F5. 

A transaction list is a list of all your transactions over a period of time that you select. It is similar to a statement. (Note: This account transaction list does not constitute the account statement Australian Military Bank is required to issue you in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to your account.)

You can print a list of your transactions, up to 12 months old. You can also download your transaction history to use in a variety of money managing software packages.  

Online Banking will attempt to debit the money 5 times. If sufficient funds are not available after the fifth attempt, the payment will not be made.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

Payments made before 4.00pm (EST) on a business day will be forwarded on the same day. Payments made after this time will be forwarded the next business day.

Please check your bill to ensure you have entered the number correctly. Ensure you have not entered any spaces between the numbers. If you still receive the message, please contact the payee and check the details.

BPAY payments can only be used to pay bills bearing the BPAY logo. Please check your bill to ensure the logo appears. Also, please check your bill to ensure you have entered the biller number correctly.

You can check that it has been processed from your account by viewing transaction details on your account. Details of your BPAY payments will appear along with any other transactions you have made.

This can happen if you did not click the 'Confirm' button on the BPAY confirmation screen. Cleared funds must be available in your nominated account for the payment to be made. If you have scheduled a payment to be made in the future, you must ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the payment on the day before the payment is due.

Click on the ‘Future Payments’ button. All future dated payments are listed. You now have the option to view, modify or cancel a future dated payment.
1.    Click the ‘Modify’ button to view or modify details of a future dated payment.
2.    Click the ‘Delete’ button to delete, and therefore cancel a future dated payment.
3.    After you have deleted or modified the payment, click the ‘Confirm’ button.


No. If you no longer wish to make future-dated BPAY payments, you need to cancel any loaded payments before requesting cancellation of your online banking access. 

Online Banking requires the latest web-browser technology. Try updating your browser and visiting Online Banking again.

Yes. So long as you have internet access and remember your member number and access code, you can access all Online Banking functions from anywhere in the world. Please ensure that you maintain strict control over your access code details. In addition, ensure that the PC you are using has the latest virus protection and is secure.

Online Banking will time out after 15 minutes of inactivity. We recommend that you never leave your Online Banking site open if you leave the computer you are working on. Log out of Online Banking and re-enter at a later time if required.

Sometimes we perform housekeeping functions on the Internet server. These only take a couple of minutes but can interrupt service while they are in progress. We advise you to wait a couple of minutes until the system is available, or to close down your browser, wait a moment and try again. If problems persist please contact us.  

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge can be used to access Online Banking. 
The minimum version numbers of these browsers that you should use to access the Online Banking service are:

  • Internet Explorer 9 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox 51.x or above
  • Google Chrome version 57.x or above 
  • Safari 11 or above 
  • Opera 37.x or above
  • Edge 12 or above

Use your browser's ‘Help’ function if you are unsure of your browser's current version number

For support assistance or to update your browser please refer to the relevant site:

  • www.microsoft.com (for Internet Explorer)
  • www.firefox.com (for Mozilla Firefox)
  • www.apple.com.au/safari (for Safari)
  • www.google.com/chrome (for Chrome)

Although it is not possible for us to define the particular settings for all types and versions of internet browsers, we suggest that the browser you use should:

  • have 128-bit encryption security,
  • enable acceptance of cookies,
  • enable Javascript and SSL3 security,
  • set screen settings at 800 x 600.

These are normally included as your browser's default settings and can be checked by selecting Tools, Internet Options.

We recommend that you disable any settings your browser may have for automatic completion of names and passwords. Never accept any offer from your browser to save or remember your password.

This is where the browser stores pages it has received over the internet. It does this so that it can speed up your internet sessions by only downloading files that have changed.

We suggest you consult your browser's ‘Help’ function. If you cannot find out how to clear your browser's cache there, please contact your PC maintenance service, the dealer from whom you purchased the PC or the organisation from whom you obtained the browser.

Cookies are small data packets that can be stored on your computer by an application you are interacting with over the internet.

To use our application your browser must be instructed to accept cookies. Your browser may be set to do this already, in which case you may be unaware that cookies are being exchanged between our computers. If not, you will probably receive messages from your browser asking whether you want to accept cookies.

Consult your browser's ‘Help’ facility to find out how to change your browser's settings to accept cookies. At the end of your session our application always removes any cookies we have placed on your PC. Be assured we do not use cookies for any purpose other than to monitor the status and integrity of your current session. 


Your browser is out-of-date!
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