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Scams on the rise

08 July 2021

Scams on the rise

As we begin a new financial year here is a very timely reminder to beware of scams.

Unfortunately scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated with the types of messages that can be sent to an unsuspecting recipient. These include emails, sms, and phone calls (often pre-recorded messages) that seem very realistic.

Remember Australian Military Bank will never ask for your banking passwords or card details via email or phone, or send links to Internet Banking. You should not provide these details, or any One Time Passcode we send you, to any third parties.

Current alerts

Computer takeover scam

Also known as remote access scams, the scammer may pretend to be from well-known organisations such as banks, government organisations, police, and computer and IT support organisations. They create a sense of urgency to make you give them access to your computer via remote access software. If you receive this type of call that cannot be verified by other means hang up.

ATO scams

You may receive messages regarding refunds or demands for payments. Never give out your personal information to anyone over the phone or via sms or email if the message is unsolicited.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Business email compromise is when criminals use email to abuse trust in business processes to scam organisations and individuals out of money or goods. Criminals can impersonate business representatives using similar names, domains and/or fraudulent logos as a legitimate organisation or by using compromised email accounts.

Please be scam aware and make sure you check out the latest warnings on the ATO website here or the ScamWatch website here

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