Complaints & Disputes

Complaint and Dispute Resolution

Complaint Resolution

At AMB, we pride ourselves on being the best we can be for our members, and the wider Defence Community. So if you are ever unhappy about something we’ve done – or perhaps not done – please give us the opportunity to put things right.

We aim to resolve your complaint within five working days; however, we will resolve your complaint on the spot where possible. If we need some additional time to get back to you, we will let you know. Should we be unable to resolve your concern at your first point of contact, we will refer the complaint to our Member Resolution team.

We will try to find a solution for you and make sure that we provide regular updates on the progress we are making to resolve your complaint. 

Our Member Complaint Guide explains;

  • how you may lodge a complaint;
  • the options available to assist members who may need additional assistance to lodge a complaint;
  • our key steps for dealing with complaints, including acknowledgement, assessment and investigation, and provision of a response;
  • response timeframes; and 
  • details about accessing the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), where we have not resolved the complaint to your satisfaction.


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